Infectious Disease

Throughout the world, we are constantly waging battles to combat infectious diseases that threaten health and productivity. The IIRC, in partnership with The Division of Infectious Diseases, maintains a research program in molecular microbial pathogenesis and host defence at Vancouver General Hospital. Pathogens under study include M. tuberculosis, Leishmania, Toxoplasma, E. coli, Staphylococci, Streptococci and Chlamydia. In addition to addressing mechanisms of pathogenesis, ongoing research is concerned with both innate and acquired immune responses to infection, including vaccine development.

IIRC members involved:

Bach, Bowie, Hmama, Lester, McMaster, MillerReiner

Transplant Immunology

Transplantation is the treatment of choice for many forms of end-stage organ failure. Typically the transplanted organ/tissue is from another person and the recipient’s immune system must be suppressed with drugs to prevent rejection of the transplant. This can result in life-threatening complications as well as potential drug-related side effects, such as renal failure, hypertension, diabetes, and seizures. Ongoing research by IIRC members spans the spectrum of transplantation research and focuses on developing novel therapies to reduce transplant rejection, ameliorate complications, and improve patient outcomes. The BC Transplant Society (BCTS) oversees research priorities and clinical guidelines for transplantation. Several IIRC members also hold BCTS research appointments.

IIRC members involved:

Du, Marzban, McMaster, MuiWarnock

Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Responses

Immune responses to foreign antigens, whether introduced by transplantation or infectious disease, are controlled through the activation, differentiation, and death of immune cells. This control is mediated by chemicals like cytokines and oxidized LDL, which bind to cell surface receptors and activate immune response pathways. IIRC investigators have long-standing research programs focused on dissecting the molecular pathways that lead to the activation of the immune system. An understanding of the signalling pathways involved in immune responses will lead to development of therapeutic drugs/strategies that elicit or block events in these pathways.

IIRC members involved:

Duronio, Kalyan, McElwee, McMaster, Mui, ReinerZhou

Support Research

The IIRC is supported in part by the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, who provide a bridge between essential government health care and the most advanced health care possible. The Foundation raises critical additional funds on behalf of Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital and G.F. Strong Rehab Centre so that every British Columbian has access to the latest and most sophisticated health care when they need it.

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