University of Alberta, MD
University of Toronto, Internal Medicine Residency, Internal Medicine Residency
University of British Columbia, Infectious Diseases Clinical Fellowship
University of Manitoba / University of Nairobi, Infectious Diseases Research Fellowship

Innate Immunity and Cellphones for Patient Care

Basic research interests include innate immune mechanisms of susceptibility to infectious diseases, the role of innate immunity in vaccine design, and the control of inflammation and its role in HIV pathogenesis.

Clinical research interests include using mobile information technology (cell phones) to improve patient support and health services in resource-limited settings. This work was featured on CBC’s The National.


Selected Publications

Smillie K, Van Borek N, van der Kop ML, Lukhwaro A, Li N, Karanja S, Patel AR, Ojakaa D, Lester RT. Mobile health for early retention in HIV care: a qualitative study in Kenya (WelTel Retain). AJAR. 2015; 13(4):331-338.
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De Vera MA, Sadatsafavi M, Tsao NW, Lynd LD, Lester R, Gastonguay L, Galo J, FitzGerald JM, Brasher P, Marra CA. Empowering pharmacists in asthma management through interactive SMS (EmPhAsIS): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2014; 15(1):488.
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Smillie K, Van Borek N, Abaki J, Pick N, Maan EJ, Friesen K, Graham R, Levine S, van der Kop M, Lester RT, Murray M. A qualitative study investigating the use of a mobile phone short message service designed to improve HIV adherence and retention in care in Canada (WelTel BC1). JANAC. 2014; 25(6):614-625.
van der Kop ML, Memetovic J, Patel A, Marra F, Sadatsafavi M, Hajek J, Smillie K, Thabane L, Taylor D, Johnston J, Lester RT. The effect of weekly text-message communication on treatment completion among patients with latent tuberculosis infection: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (WelTel LTBI). BMJ Open. 2014; 4(4):e004362.
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van der Kop M,  Memetovic J, Smillie K, Coleman J, Van Borek N, Taylor D, Alasaly K, Johnston J, Lester RT, Marra F. Use of the WelTel mobile health intervention at a tuberculosis clinic in British Columbia: a pilot study. JMTM. 2013; 2(3):7-14.
Lester RT. Ask, don’t tell: mobile phones to improve HIV care. N Engl J Med. 2013; 369(19):1867-1868.
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