Professor and Research Director, Division of Infectious Disease
Director, The Immunity and Infection Research Centre (IIRC)
phone: 6048754588
other: 6048754348
fax: 6048754013


Western Reserve University, Case, MD
Oberlin College, AB

Host/Pathogen Interactions

My laboratory is concerned with host defense against intracellular infection and how intracellular microbes disrupt cellular functions to favor their survival. Because of our interest in the role of macrophages in host defense, one focus of the laboratory is to identify pathways that regulate cell activation is response to key agonists such as IFN-y and bacterial lipopolysaccharide. This research has led to the identification of novel signaling pathways that regulate macrophage function. The second major interest in the laboratory is to understand the strategies used by intracellular pathogens to effectively prevent macrophage activation. This research focuses on identifying the pathways and molecules in macrophages targeted by intracellular pathogens and the corresponding microbial virulence factors involved. Pathogens under study include, Leishmania donovani, M. tuberculosis and Salmonella.

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