Pathogenic Virulence Factors, Nanomedicine, Anti-body Engineering
Respiratory and immunological health effects of inhaled environmental and occupational exposures
Monitoring and Modulation of the Immune Status of Transplant Recipients
Kidney Transplantation
Biochemical Signals Which Control Cell Death and Survival
Immune Response to Tuberculosis
Innate Immunity and Cellphones for Patient Care
Islet Transplantation in Diabetes
Roles of the hair follicle in cutaneous disease and tissue regeneration
Gene and Protein expression in immune cells
Use of nitric oxide as a therapeutic antimicrobial
Molecular mechanisms of protective immune responses
Host Pathogen Interactions, Innate Immunity, and Macrophage Biology
The role of flagellin in anti-bacterial inflammatory responses
Influenza and Vaccine Development
Cell transplantation with emphasis on islet transplantation
Relationship between malignant T cells in cutaneous lymphoma and skin inflammation

Associate Members

Immunobiology and Epidemiology of Chlamydia and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Urology, Hyperoxaluria (kidney stones)
Burn and Wound Healing
TGF-beta and Lung Disease
Kidney Transplantation
SH2-containing inositol phosphatase (SHIP) inflammatory signalling
Activation of Macrophage Signal Transduction Pathways by Oxidized LDL
Application of bioinformatics and genomics to medical microbiology


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